Transparency Code

The Local Government Transparency Code was issued to meet the Government's desire to place more power into citizens' hands to increase democratic accountability and make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services.  Transparency is the foundation of local accountability and the key that gives people the tools and information they need to enable them to play a bigger role in society. 

The Transparency Code sets out the minimum information/data that local authorities should be publishing, the frequency by which it should be published and how it should be published.  A copy of the Department for Communities and Local Government's (DCLG) Local Government Transparency Code 2015 can be found here:

We are required by the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 to publish information on the Town Council's parking account and parking spaces. This can be found by following this link to an alternative page on our website


2018/19 Contracts awarded:

The Council has issued the following contracts which are over £5,000 in value this financial year:

   Golowan Festival - contract issued to Golowan Festival CIC to run the festival for three summers commencing 2019

   Public Toilet Cleaning Contract - contract awarded to Crystal Clear to operate cleaning services for the 2019/20 financial year

   Flag Production - contracts awarded to Liz Tyrell and Lucy Birbeck

   Flag Rigging - contract awarded to High Maintenance

   Weed Treatment - contract awarded to Complete Weed Control 


2018/19 - Quarterly Expenditure:

April to June 2018 payments

July to September payments 

October to December payments 


2018/19 Small Grant Recipients 

Details of local organisations that have received grants from us can be found here




2017/18 - Quarterly Expenditure:

April to June 2017 payments

July to September 2017 payments 

October to December 2017 payments

January to March 2018 payments 

2017/18 Small Grant recipients: 

Details of the local organisations that have received support from the Town Council can be found here


2017/18 Town Council Land and Buildings 

Details of land and buildings owned or operated by the Town Council can be found here


2017/18 Pay Multiple

The pay multiple is the ratio between the highest taxable earnings and the median earnings figure of the whole council's workforce.  For 31.3.18, the ratio is 2.47:1



The Town Council are required to issue details of who has been appointed to operate its waste collection service.  The service is currently operated by Biffa Waste Services Ltd..