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Transparency is the foundation of local accountability – it provides everyone with the information and tools to play a bigger role in our local community.

We adhere to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 which requires us to publish information about our finances, revenue and expenditure.

You can find more information about these areas by clicking on the links below:

Contracts Awarded 2020/2021

Contracts Awarded 2019/20

Small Grant Recipients 2019/20

2019/20 Penzance Council Land and Buildings

Penzance Council are required to issue details of who has been appointed to operate its waste collection service.  The service is currently operated by Biffa Waste Services Ltd.

2019/20 Pay Multiple

The pay multiple is the ratio between the highest taxable earnings and the median earnings figure of the whole council’s workforce.  For the year ending 31.3.20, the ratio is 2.38:1

Quarterly expenditure is detailed in the pdf documents below:


Paid Expenditure April – June 2020


Paid Expenditure April – June 2019

Paid Expenditure July – September 2019

Paid Expenditure October – December 2019

Paid Expenditure January – March 2020

During the Financial Year 2019/20 Penzance Council received total income of £ 99,122.75 from the car park.  This is broken down as follows:

Daily Tickets £88,639.49

Quarterly Tickets £9553.16

Excess Charges £930.10

The direct costs involved in maintaining the car park were £18,180.11

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