Penzance Council is responsible for 8 allotment fields within the parish of Penzance.  There is a total of approximately 200 plots and there is a waiting list for all allotment fields.

The allotment fields are listed below with an indication of the number of people generally on the waiting list for each site:-

Lescudjack - at the top of Castle Road (31)

Leskinnick - Leskinnick Terrace (35)

Crankan - Heamoor on the turn-off to Bone Valley (16)

Trannack - Heamoor (near Parc Mellan - entrance gate on road to Gulval) (16)

Gulval - near to the Leat and Mead Houses (12)

Love Lane - Alverton (34)

Alverton Playing Field - top of Mount's Bay Road (16)

Mennaye - near to Boating Pool (28)

Plots on the allotment fields are only available to people who reside in the parish of Penzance. 

As there is such a long waiting list for all allotment fields, plots which become available may be split into two where appropriate, in the hope of bringing the waiting list down more quickly.

All allotment fields are inspected once a month by Penzance Council's Allotment Inspector.  The tenants of any plots reported to be neglected are sent a proforma to enquire as to whether they wish to work the plot or, give it up so that it can be offered to the next person on a very lengthy waiting list.  If there is a promise to work the plot, it must show signs of work by the next inspection and, if not, the tenant will be given Notice to Quit and must vacate within 14 days.

To apply for an allotment, please complete the application form which can be found here