Plastic Free Penzance

Penzance is the UK's first town to to achieve the new Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Plastic Free Coastline status.  

To earn its 'plastic free' status, Penzance had to achieve five targets demonstrating its commitment to reducing the use of plastics:

  • Strategic - Penzance Council committing to tackling single use plastics at a strategic level
  • Business - Lobbying and encouraging local businesses to ban single use plastics or switch to sustainable alternatives
  • Communities - Engaging with and encouraging other communities, groups and organisations to take action on single use plastics.
  • Education - Rolling out 'Plastic Free Schools' across our town
  • Positive action - Holding beach cleans, fundraisers and other awareness raising events.

Town councillors voted unanimously to support the 'Plastic Free Penzance' campaign.  

The group Plastic Free Penzance has been working hard to raise awareness about the impact of pollution on our coastline.  The campaign is part of Surfers Against Sewage's 'Plastic Free Coastlines' and combines community action, education and political lobbying to tackle single use plastics in our environment.  Officials from the group say the new status demonstrates the community's commitment to improving the environment.  They hope it will boost the town's economy by supporting local businesses and encouraging people to use them.  It is also hoped that the status will put the town on the map and raise its profile. 

A spokesperson for Plastic Free Penzance said: "Plastic pollution has sadly become synonymous with any coastal activity, from surfing to swimming, beach holidays to wildlife watching - it is simply an expected part of our experience.  This is why marine plastic pollution, and specifically tackling society's throwaway, excessive or unnecessary plastic culture, is now Surfers Against Sewage's top priority.  Plastic pollution is an issue that connects the environment with all parts of society, and is something that we can take action on at every level. Indeed, it will only be through concrete, collective, positive action that we will be able to catalyse the shift that is needed to stop the flood of plastic pollution from overwhelming our world."

To find out more about Plastic Free Penzance and how you can help our town to become truly plastic free, check out the following links:

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