Image of Solar Panels on a Roof


We have adopted an exciting and far-reaching Climate Emergency Plan which will put us at the forefront of the battle to tackle climate change.

We are committed to leading the fight against climate change in Penzance and have already adopted a Climate Emergency Plan to tackle issues locally.

The plan sets out how we are taking action to ‘put our own house in order’, as well as working with partners and community-based groups to help raise public awareness to reduce carbon emissions and restore ecology.

Our “in house” actions so far:

  • Using renewable energy in our buildings
  • Encouraging our staff to car-share, use public transport or walk/cycle to work
  • Adopted a Plastic Free Event Charter for all events that we organise and support
  • Encouraging recycling and composting
  • Using locally sourced food at events
  • Reducing the use of pesticides
  • Changing grass cutting regimes
  • Creating wild-flower meadows
  • Providing more allotment plots
  • Planting more trees

We are also working with Plastic Free Penzance, Transition Penwith, Sustainable Penzance and Extinction Rebellion, as well as local organisations including schools.

We are also seeking changes to existing emergency planning procedures to cope with extreme weather and improve our flood protection measures.

You can find out more about our proposals in our Climate Emergency Plan.

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