Town Council meetings are held in St Johns Hall, Alverton Street, Penzance.  All other meetings are held in Penlee Centre, Penlee Park, Penzance

All meetings are open to the public and there is the opportunity for members of the public to speak prior to the commencement of meetings on matters on the agenda. 

Please note that there could be an item on the Agenda that is Confidential and members of the public will be asked to leave.  These items will, where possible, be taken at the end of the meeting.

All meetings commence at 7:00pm unless otherwise stated.

Download a list of meeting dates here



Tuesday, 22 May 

Town Council 

Wednesday, 24 May 

Planning Committee           Planning Applications 

Tuesday, 30 May

Penlee House Committee 


Monday, 5 June

Leisure & Amenities Committee 


Wednesday, 14 June

Planning Committee            

Monday, 19 June

Finance and General Purposes    

Monday, 26 June

Town Council

Wednesday, 5 July

Planning Committee  Planning Applications

Monday, 10 July

Penlee House Commitee

Monday, 17 July

Leisure & Amenities Committee Agenda     Reports     

Wednesday, 26 July

Planning Committee  Planning Applications

Monday, 31 July 

Finance & General Purposes  Reports

Monday, 7 August

Town Council Reports Pt 1 Reports Pt 2

Wednesday, 16 August

Planning Committee Planning Applications Reports

Wednesday, 6 September

Planning Committee Planning Applications

Monday, 11 September

Penlee House Committee 

Monday, 18 September

Leisure & Amenities Committee 

Wednesday, 27 September 

Planning Committee, Planning Applications

Monday, 2 October

Finance & General Purposes Agenda Reports (i) Reports (ii) Reports (iii)

Monday, 9 October

Town Council Agenda Reports (i), Reports (ii), Reports (iii), Reports (iv)

Wednesday, 18 October 

 Planning Committee Agenda, Planning Applications

Wednesday, 8 November

 Planning Committee Agenda, Planning Applications, Reports (i), Reports (ii), Reports (iii)

Monday, 13 November

 Penlee House Committee Agenda, Reports (i),  Reports (ii) 

 Monday, 20 November

Leisure & Amenities Committee Agenda  

Monday, 27 November

Finance & General Purposes Committee Agenda, Reports

Wednesday, 29 November

Planning Committee Agenda, Planning Applications, Reports (i), Reports (ii)

 Monday, 4 December

 Town Council Agenda, Reports (i), Reports (ii), Reports (iii), Reports (iv), Reports (v), Addendum to Reports (iv)

Wednesday, 13 December

Town Council Agenda Report (Note change in venue for meeting)

 Wednesday, 20 December

 Planning Committee Agenda, Planning Applications, Reports (i), Reports (ii), Reports (iii), Reports (iv), Reports (v), Reports (vi), Reports (vii), Reports (viii), Reports (ix)