Penzance Town Council has four standing committees.

The Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor sit on all committees.


Leisure & Amenities Committee


Vice-Chairman: Cllr B Jackson 

Cllr NA Davis      Cllr P Young 

Cllr W Elliott       Cllr SJ Reed

Cllr TL Halliday   Cllr KM Baker

Cllr DJ Axford     Cllr JS Lambourn

Cllr S Bosworth




Penlee House Committee

Chairman: Cllr DJ Axford

Vice-Chairman: Cllr P Young

 Cllr SJ Reed       Cllr JH Dixon

Cllr KM Baker     Cllr SM Cordel

Cllr RA Mann



Planning Committee

Chairman: Cllr NA Davis

Vice-Chairman: Cllr TL Halliday

Cllr S Bosworth    Cllr JM How

Cllr W Elliott         Cllr NC Roach

Cllr NN Waller       Cllr B Jackson 




Finance & General Purposes Committee

Chairman: Cllr NG Pengelly

Vice-Chairman: Cllr NC Broadhurst 

Cllr JS Lambourn Cllr NA Davis

Cllr SM Cordel           Cllr RA Mann

Cllr Dixon                 Cllr NC Roach

Cllr JM How              Cllr NN Waller   

Cllr DJ Axford