Penzance Heritage Plaques

In 2008, Penzance Town Council launched a Heritage Plaque scheme aimed at celebrating the lives of prominent individuals who were born, lived, worked and/or died in Penzance Parish. The plaques are sited on buildings closely associated with the person and they identify the particular contribution that individual made, either locally or further afield.
Penzance is a relatively small town but one remarkably rich in people who have made major contributions, not only to the life of this town but nationally and in other countries as well. The Town Council felt it appropriate to celebrate these people as well as the historical sites associated with them. 
A list of the plaques erected to date is attached 'here'.
The Town Council is seeking nominations for suitable candidates with the reasons for their inclusion and the building with which they are associated. The scheme will develop over the years and if anyone would like to put forward a suggestion, please contact the Town Clerk using the details on this website.