Penzance Harbour






Members will be aware that Cornwall Council has been asked by the Department for Transport to submit plans for the development of proposals at both St Marys and Penzance Harbours to preserve and enhance the sea link between the two ports.


Those Members who attended an informal meeting between Penzance Town Councillors and Cornwall Councillors on Monday evening will be aware that discussion surrounding the harbour centred on the issue of rock armour within Cornwall Councils plans as requested by the Minister for Transport in his letter to the former Leader of Cornwall Council, Councillor Jim Currie, on 2 November 2102.

The consensus view arising from this meeting was that full support would be given for both the St Marys proposals, dredging of the Harbour and initial Highways improvements, but that the proposal for full rock armouring of the South/Lighthouse pier represented poor value for money and raised issues of future maintenance of the pier. The issue of partial protection for the piers was broadly supported provided that the Minister considered it to be operationally essential to maintain the link.  This support was conditional on any works being non-prejudicial to the aspiration for a breakwater.

These views were subsequently relayed to Councillor Bert Biscoe, Portfolio Holder for Transportation and Nigel Blackler, Head of Transportation, Waste and Environment at a meeting attended by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Chairman of the Penzance Chamber of Commerce, Cornwall Councillors Dwelly, McKenna and Olivier and Town Clerk on Tuesday 11 June 2013. Both Councillor Biscoe and Mr Blackler accepted this position and were content with these views being relayed to the Minister for Transport prior to any final decision on funding.

Discussion also took place on the future development of the harbour beyond the current Cornwall Council scheme and an undertaking was given to work with the Town Council and local Cornwall Council Ward Members on developing enhanced passenger and freight facilities and an aspirational breakwater which was seen to be an essential element in realising the potential within the harbour for both business and pleasure users as a major driver in the economic regeneration of the wider area.


It is, therefore, RECOMMENDED - that


1. Penzance Town Council fully supports the development of the proposals at St Mary’s Harbour.

2. Penzance Town Council fully supports the Capital dredge of Penzance Harbour as proposed by Cornwall Council.

3. Penzance Town Council fully supports the initial highways improvements proposed by Cornwall Council.

4. Penzance Town Council would not object to limited protection of the South/Lighthouse Pier if proposed by Cornwall Council and should the Minister for Transport deem the works operationally essential. Any such proposals should not jeopardise the future development of the Harbour specifically the placement of a breakwater.

5. Penzance Town Council does not support full Rock Armouring of the South/Lighthouse Pier.

6. Penzance Town Council welcomes the opportunity presented to it by Cornwall Council to continue to work together on the development of the Harbour and specifically improved passenger and freight handling facilities.

The above recommendation was passed by Penzance Town council

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