Penzance 400 Events Report


In July 2015, Penzance Town Council employed the services of Local Government Resource Centre (LGRC)to carry out an External Enquiry in to the overspend for the Penzance 400 Events. 

LGRC was set up in 2014 by a team of very experienced local councils sector specialists who are passionate about how Town, Parish and Community councils can manage their affairs and deliver community services to the highest standards within generally tight budgets and economic constraints. 

The Consultant who carried out the investigation was Mr John Furse who has vast experience of working with Larger Town Councils.

At an Extraordinary Meeting of Penzance Town Council on Tuesday 4 August 2015, the report from the External Enquiry in to the overspend of monies for the Penzance 400 Events was received.

A Redacted Report of the review is attached here.