Residents Parking Review Respsone

At the meeting of the Penzance Town Council Planning Committee held on 23 November 2016, the Residents Parking Scheme was debated by members.

There were 20 members of the public in attendance who all gave their views on the schemes and all were unanimous that they were against them.

The members present all gave their views which again showed that they too were against the schemes.

The committee then gave their response to the Parking Review and the resolution is below.

Penzance Town Council resolved that they

Object to Cornwall Council’s proposed resident parking permit scheme as proposed for the following reasons:-

Cornwall Council, in pursuing a large scale scheme for Penzance, has ignored the results of its survey of Cornish towns performed by WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff which identified that:

‘There is no overall consensus on the need for a residents parking zone to better manage the supply of parking in Penzance and Newlyn. Views are polarised, with strong levels of both support (46%) and opposition (40%) amongst residents’.   ‘Businesses are less supportive of the need for a RPZ (just 16) agree)’.

The ‘one size fits all’ approach proposed for Penzance ignores the different parking problems in different parts of Penzance and Newlyn.

The proposed restriction on permits per household discriminates against individuals sharing accommodation, adult children living with parents and houses with extended families.  Each adult car owner resident in Penzance should be entitled to a permit.

The proposed scheme has been distorted by over-zealous application of environmentalist beliefs at the expense of residents (voters) for whom car ownership is economically or domestically essential.

The scheme discriminates against established businesses located in the parking permit area.

The proposed permit fee is excessive for a rural town.  A fee of £25 is likely to be sufficient to cover implementation costs and appropriate for an area of very low average income.

The proposed fee of £1/ticket/day for visitor tickets is punitive in a low income area in a rural town.

The emphasis in the scheme of raising money rather than addressing local resident parking issues undermines trust in the proposed scheme and the Council’s motives for proposing it.

Nothing in the above resolution prevents implementation of a resident permit parking scheme in localized areas of Penzance and Newlyn where the scheme is tailored to local needs and has the support of the majority of resident car owners.