Montol 2017

The Christmas and Midwinter seasons are the Cornish Culture Associations busiest time of year.  Our biggest event, Montol will be held this year as usual on the 21st of December. Everyone is welcome to join in with the celebration as usual by dressing in guise costume and masks, or by just watching the processions. As part of the festival we will be holding a market in Penzance town centre. After listening to feedback this year the market will be centred around the market house. If you are interested in having a stall please contact

The schedule is as follows

Midday to 8pm St Thomas' Market with entertainment.

4pm Sundown procession

6pm Main procession

7pm the Guise Guilds 

10pm late night procession and chalking of the mock

Much more will actually be happening on the day! 

A lot of people have asked about joining a guild at Montol. The Montol Guilds are groups that process around the town in the spirit of Misrule. Guilds are open to anyone and anyone can join a guild or even make their own. The current guilds declared this year are as follows 1) The Corn Market Revellers 2) The Egyptians 3) The Peccadiloes 4) The Physicians 5) The Crowders Guild 6) The Society of the Illuminated Ancient Sprout. Each have a starting place and time between 7pm and 8pm and there own themes. The Corn Market Revellers wear white gloves and have mock leaders. The Egyptians have a Egyptian theme and carry flaming torches. The peccadiloes sing Cornish Carols and carry a Wassail bowl. The Physicians dress as plague doctors and hand out cures to the public. The guild of crowders are members of Cornish music group Bagas crowd and the Society of the Illuminated Ancient Sprout are supporters of the Mock Mayor of Penryn . If you are interested in joining a guild please reply to this email!  If you want to make your own guild please choose a name and contact us. Please note that for insurance reasons we do need to know about your guilds, you never know what might creep into peoples imaginations! Have fun!

Lastly we are recruiting collectors, stewards and first aiders. Some of the stewards will be forming a guild of sticklers whose job it will be to dress in guise costume, help manage the crowd, protect the processions from traffic and keep public safe. Each member of the sticklers will carry a staff and receive a burger and a pint to say thank you. This role is half ceremonial and half practical, reply to this email if you are interested in joining this group. In the next few days more information about Montol will be released. 

Oll an Gwella Simon