Skateboard Park

Wherrytown Developement.

Following a successful bid by the Town Council to the Seaside Towns Fund, the programme funded by Cornwall Council's capital programme and the Department for Communities and Local Government, with funding also coming from Penzance Town Council, work will soon start on the Skateboard Park.


The partnership of Penzance Town Council, Cornwall Council regeneration officers and the Kerbs Skateboarding Charity needed a total of 93,290 for the project. In November the Town Council secured the full 73,740 they applied for. That money will be combined with 13,500 already committed by Penzance Town Council and 4,050 of Cornwall Council money.

Work set to start.

Work is set to start on the new park on Monday 8th April 2013 with completion due in early June. The park has been designed Alec Osborn chairman of the KERBS Penzance Skateboard Charity and Freestyle Skateparks of Rickmansworth, Herts, the the oldest skatepark design and build firm in the UK. Construction will be carried out by their contractor Midas Group of Bristol.