Penzance Town Council has four standing committees.

The Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor sit on all committees.


Leisure & Amenities Committee

Chairman: Cllr RL Simmons 

Vice-Chairman: Cllr B Jackson 

Cllr NA Davis      Cllr P Young 

Cllr W Elliott       Cllr SJ Reed

Cllr TL Halliday   Cllr KM Baker

Cllr DJ Axford       

Cllr RL Simmons  

Cllr JS Lambourn





Penlee House Committee

Chairman: Cllr DJ Axford

Vice-Chairman: Cllr P Young

 Cllr SJ Reed       Cllr JH Dixon

Cllr KM Baker     Cllr RL Simmons 

Cllr S Bosworth  Cllr RA Mann

Cllr SM Cordel    





Planning Committee

Chairman: Cllr NA Davis

Vice-Chairman: Cllr TL Halliday

Cllr S Bosworth    Cllr JM How

Cllr W Elliott         Cllr NC Roach

Cllr NN Waller       Cllr B Jackson 




Finance & General Purposes Committee

Chairman: Cllr NG Pengelly

Vice-Chairman: Cllr NC Broadhurst 

Cllr JS Lambourn

Cllr SM Cordel           Cllr RA Mann

Cllr Dixon                 Cllr NC Roach

Cllr JM How              Cllr NN Waller   

Cllr DJ Axford           Cllr NA Davis 

Cllr RL Simmons